About Pizza Pauls
First of all...there really is a person named Paul! He started working in a
pizzeria in Avon in the 1970's. Later, Paul and his wife Cathie founded
Pizza Paul's on Main Street in the historic Village of Geneseo, near SUNY
Geneseo College. Soon after, they opened a second restaurant in
Lakeville, conveniently located at the 5 Corners in Conesus, NY, just off
the lake.

Paul has been in the pizza business for more than thirty years and on
occasion, you can still see him throwing pizzas up in the air, just as he
did years ago. All three of Paul and Cathie's daughters have worked at
the pizzerias over the years but it is very likely you will see Teresa and
her husband Craig working if you frequent Pizza Paul's. Although they do
not work in the pizzeria's yet, you might even catch Teresa's children
stopping in for a visit!
Pizza Paul, Stephanie, Teresa and Cathie
Pizza Paul's